This is a picture of a city at full of chocolate eggs at Cadburys factory

This is a picture of a city at full of chocolate eggs at Cadburys factory


field trip

On Friday day my school went to Cadbury chocolate factory. It was so cool they gave you bars of chocolate through the  factory. One part of the factory they were making high heel shoes out of chocolate.John Cadbury was the first man to make dairy milk chocolate. He was a Quaker, they believed in treating their employees very well.Also there was a ride where there was a city of milk  chocolate eggs. I have been having a nice time over here the snow gone and it has been getting warmer.

snow has left the building

The snow has left the building but we had a fun time. I seed my goodbyes on the last day by sledging down the hill. When the snow melted my school was going to visit candy factory! I am having a nice time over here. hope you all are having a nice time in the US .

FIRST DAY OF SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My body is shaking I wake up it my mom trying to get me out of bed. I ask her wat is the rush I drag myself  to the window. IT SNOWING! My body does not feel tired anymore so I rush outside for school . Splat right on my face they have just started a war. someone calls something out but I have snow on my ears then the kids start running to school. in the afternoon me and my friends were building a giant snowman or the empire state building:] we had lods of fun!

IM BACK!!!!!

I’m back from  America and better than ever, On New Years Eve my family had HUGE fireworks we had the kinds they used in real firework show. It was really fun [and loud]. Also on the plane over to USA there was this desert but brown it was really cool!  It was apart of the Carolinas. It is much warmer here than I expected it to be.When I got back it was really quiet because no of the kids were around, it was creepy but really cool. Tomorrow is the first day of school, it seems like it has been a month since it ended, I am glad that school is starting.

christmas fair

christmas fair


At school we had a christmas fair it was really nice. We had cakes, raffles, horseshoe and a tombola. Tombola is a game where there is a bunch of numbers but some numbers have a twin if you got a twin what ever the twin is taped to you got that.